Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Euro Crashes in Waves Against US Dollar

After a sharp rally upward from strong resistance of 1.1200 level eur/usd reached strong resistance at 1.1700 and reversed dramatically dropping close to 400 pips in the last three days. The next logical level of support is surely 1.1200 level. According to definition of classical technical analysis previous resistance becomes support. So, if 1.1200 level was resistance, it should act now as support. There are around 130 pips to go till the target. It will be probably reached by the end of the week, possibly even tomorrow. 

Key fundamental data that might influence the moves in the pair:

Thursday: USD Gross Domestic Product Price Index at 12:30 GMT.
Friday: GBP Gross Domestic Product at 08:30 GMT. 

I do expect price to continue going in waves and a rally is expected at current level: 1.1322. Intra-day support is at an even number of 1.1300. Intra-day resistance is at an even number of 1.1400.
As always I will repeat myself by saying that I want to see a reversal pattern at a key level before I start buying or selling. This in most situations will be a candle pattern that develops on an hourly or 15 minute chart.

The pair is going down in waves

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