Tuesday, September 15, 2015

After a Few Weeks of Rise eurusd Reverses

After a few weeks of rise, eur/usd finally reversed. The turnaround started on Monday (yesterday), when having reached 1.1370 resistance the pair formed bearish rail road tracks pattern and started collapsing. Today’s price action only confirmed bearish bias in Euro. You can open both 15 and 1 hour chart to see that. Price tried to rally to intra day resistance of 1.1330 two times today, but failed. Each time it formed a bearish candle pattern after which price fell. As yesterday’s (low) support of 1.1280 was broken during US session we may assume that the move downwards will only accelerate this week. Be ready to sell at failed rallies to intra day resistance levels. 

Tomorrow’s possible intra day resistance will be at 1.1280. You remember the old saying that previous support becomes resistance and vice versa. I think this could be true in this case too. 

The next level of support is seen in the area of 1.1240-1.1220. Hourly chart clearly shows that Euro bulls had to work hard to break the level from the 8th to 10th of September. 

Important fundamental data that may impact the exchange rate of the pair is on Thursday when Federal Open Market Committee Rate Decision is announced at 18:00 GMT. Watch price action after the event and be ready to go in the direction market goes. 

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