Thursday, September 3, 2015

Euro is in a tight range before making a move

As expected eur/usd went down yesterday after ECB chief Mario Draghi started giving a press conference. The move was over 100 pips in over 15 minutes. Impressive! More that type of speeches! Ok, today, if you look at 15 minute chart you will see that the pair is in a very tight range. What does that tell us? That there is going to be a breakout either direction. As we expect the downtrend to continue we are waiting for the low of the range to be broken to enter a short position. Yah, that is a breakout trade and those do not work out that often, but looks like this one will due to the direction and a move up towards the high of the range, which has already occurred during Frankfurt open.

The move will probably occur sometime after London open. On the other hand, we have Non Farm Payrolls (NFP) during US session and as you know these tend to create tremendous volatility across the board. If the move does not materialize by then I will probably remove my short order. On the other hand, smart money can move price down and take profit on the shorts after the release. Anyway, let’s not speculate, but wait for the event and see what happens. 

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